Get custom beat for $499
Let Diamond Style team create a top-notch custom beat / instrumental exclusively for you
What is this Special Offer about?
Every month we accept limited number of Custom Beat orders with a special price $499
Custom beat for your next hit at the low price
Great chance to get a bespoke beat produced by Diamond Style exclusively for you. You tell us your preferences - we make magic and deliver the best!
Why we do this?
There are 2 types of customers. Those who don't really know what they want (they usually tend to experiment, change their mind during creative process etc.) and those who know exactly what they want and are ready to entrust the work to professionals. This offer is

The main goal of this Special Offer is to help out those artist who's short in money and can't afford investing a couple of grands into custom/exclusive beats. Not having much money doesn't mean you have to buy and use wack beats.

We'd like to help out and provide custom beats to the artists who's on a budget and can't invest
Hight Quality
If you're ready to get the ball rolling, place an order.
What is this Special Offer about?
Every month we accept limited number of Custom Beat orders with a special price $499
Describe your project and submit your order
You tell us what type of beat you want. Make sure to be more specific and provide enough details that matter to you (i.e. genre, BPM, key, number of verses, beat's length etc.) Include a couple of links to reference tracks that you like.
Exclusive bespoke beat produced by Diamond Style at low price
We review your order's details, decide whether we can take it or not and contact you with an answer and PayPal invoice.
Hight Quality
After your order's been selected and confirmed, you submit $499 upfront payment via PayPal and we start working on your track. The process may take up to 7 days. After that you will receive your exclusive beat (mixed and tracked out) ready to record. As well as the contract stating your full exclusive rights.
How it works
Describe your project
Tell us what type of beat you want - include your wishes and reference
Submit your payment
When your order's confirmed, pay the invoice via PayPal ($499)
Wait 3-7 days
We start working on your project and do our best to deliver a hit
Receive your custom beat
You receive exclusive beat mixed and tracked out, ready to record
Years of experience
35 000+
Beat Licenses sold
Beats & Tracks produced
Production Credits
We've been making beats for 10 years now. More than 35000 licenses sold, 800+ beats & tracks have been produced by our team. Worked and produced for a lot of major & indie artists and companies, including:
Fill in this form to submit your order
Make sure you've read and agreed with the Terms before you place your order.
Please note, that we're able to accept limited number of orders. You'll receive an email confirmation from us, if your order's got picked. Thanks!
Important: With this Special Offer you receive the exclusive beat made by Diamond Style based on description & reference you provide with your order. No revisions or modifications, no returns.
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